ICE for Pets is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to protect your pets. The ICE for Pets mobile app provides pet owners and sitters the ability to manage important information about your pet and alert an emergency contact to care for their pets if they can’t.

Simply enter your pet’s safety information (Veterinarian, age, breed, medications etc.) hit save and you are done. The information is now at your fingertips via your mobile device.

Ice for Pets also works for you when you leave your pets alone. Just use the timed emergency text message feature before leaving. Enter a message for your pet guardian along with their phone number. Then set the timer. It will automatically launch if you are unable to return safely back to your pet. Even flat tires, sickness or airport delays won’t stop your pet from being cared for.

ICE for Pets enables you to control who is contacted, what the text says and when the text will be sent…all very quickly and easily!

Features included:

  • Veterinarian contact information including maps
  • Pet medications and food allergies
  • Dietary needs
  • Exercise schedules
  • Pet related appointments
  • Emergency contact information
  • House sitting information such as alarm codes, garbage days, watering schedule etc…
  • Photos
  • And more …

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